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Vehicle and Expense Reimbursement Programs 

designed to lower cost and save you time


Fixed and Variable Rate Programs

Personalize vehicle reimbursements based on the true costs for an employee to own and operate their vehicle, like insurance, car maintenance and gas prices where they work.

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FAVR personalization
App and dashboard


Cents Per Mile Programs

Pay your employees a standard rate for every work mile they drive in a personal vehicle, based on reliable and IRS-compliant mileage logs.

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Expense Management

Reimburse employees for out-of-pocket costs, such as tolls or product buy back, based on digital receipts.

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Control employee reimbursement costs

64b9ba5533605cb894bd7d0c_SuccessReduce liability risk

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64b9ba5533605cb894bd7d0c_SuccessIncrease efficiency with automatic mileage reporting


The final word from our customers

“I would recommend Everlance over other providers because they go the extra mile to make sure you have a reliable and sustainable mileage program that meets your needs.

It’s the most accurate and user-friendly platform I’ve seen, giving us clean reporting for our business while saving everyone time.”

Rachelle Treymann, Director Versiti


Versiti is a nonprofit organization that serves people’s urgent need for life-saving healthcare. Their team are experts in transfusion medicine, blood products, consulting, diagnostics, esoteric testing, research and pharmacy services.

Versiti relies on a mobile workforce of over 60 employees spread across Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan and Wisconsin to support their operation. These team members are on the road most days, driving their own personal vehicles. They then submit monthly mileage reports for reimbursement.

Finding a system that was easier to manage and would reduce the burden on Rachelle was top of mind for them. Everlance could set up a reporting mechanism that aligned to their state-specific requirements. Compared to their old system, Versiti found Everlance’s administrator dashboard much easier to use. They can easily pull reports at any time and have more control to manage their team directly.


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