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Commute Disallowance

Reduce reimbursement costs and save time on mileage management

  • Custom commute settings deliver personalized commute disallowance policies

  • One-click customization means fast, easy policy changes

  • Our dynamic disallowance formula ensures a fair reimbursement for every employee
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A modern approach to mileage

Assessment of your commute policy, a personalized solution, and modern software make it easier to manage your teams' mileage.

From your dashboard, set and update your entire team's commute disallowance with just a few clicks.

commute settings

Custom commute settings

Personalized commute disallowance policies gives your operations total control.


Dynamic disallowance

Our dynamic formula ensures a fair reimbursement for every employee.

report paid

One-click customization

Fast, easy policy changes means your team spends less time on mileage management.

Managing commutes at scale is a hassle. Everlance's Commute Disallowance makes it easier.

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