Vehicle Programs

Covering all your options for reimbursement models, cost management, program providers and more
Ultimate guide to vehicle reimbursement

Ultimate Guide to Vehicle Reimbursement

Your team's ideal vehicle program will not only be the most cost-effective option, but also the fairest one for your employees—not to mention easy to implement and maintain. Get the guide to dive into:

  • The various types of vehicle programs
  • Key factors to consider when choosing the right program for your business
  • Considerations to ensure a smooth implementation for each program 
  • Options for tracking employee mileage for reporting and reimbursement

The True Cost Difference: Mileage Stipend vs Mileage Reimbursement

Which type of vehicle reimbursement program is right for you? Barring special vehicle needs, most businesses are faced with two main options: mileage stipends or mileage reimbursement. Download the guide and break down the:

  • Basics of mileage stipend vs reimbursement 
  • True cost of a flat allowance program when taxes are taken into account
  • Differences between a FAVR and CPM program 
  • Problem with basic mileage trackers

Eight Top Criteria For Evaluating Vehicle Reimbursement Program Providers 


There's a heightened emphasis on compliance, costs are rising, and businesses are looking for creative ways to increase employee happiness. Your vehicle program is an easy place to make a difference. Read the guide to evaluate your needs for:

  • Expert guidance, business insights and prompt communication
  • Clear and consistent cost structure
  • Up-to-date technology
  • A partner that helps you stay on top of compliance
Matching up vehicle costs

Matching Up Vehicle Costs and Employee Benefits


Whether your mobile workforce uses their own cars or company-provided cars, understanding current costs to operate a vehicle will help ensure your benefits stay competitive. Review the 2021 report for details on:

  • Fixed and variable costs for different car types
  • How cost per mile decreases as mileage increases
  • The occupational outlook for drivers and sales workers
  • Recent trends in employee vehicle programs and mileage management

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